How do we work?


Portrait photography is an area that seems to suit my personality. I do enjoy working with people, whether it is a family or children. A bit of planning helps. I encourage a visit to my studio beforehand, so we get to know each other and I can pass on some tips. If that is difficult (visiting, I mean ), then we do the best we can by email or on the phone.

I have a basic charge of $250 to take care of providing a really good choice to select from , to cover any travel, and to add the finishing touches in Photoshop.

Until you see the results, it is hard to know what size and what finish you will want, so I give lots of options, whether they are matted prints, fine art pieces, canvas photos, or bespoke albums.

I sign my work as a guarantee of quality.

All you need to do is make contact with us and I will fit into your timetable. Please give a week or two’s notice.

Business portraits


You will need digital files to cover printing cards and brochures. I put a lot of importance into the posing and lighting of executives. Not many of us like photographs of ourselves when we are past 21, so my approach is to use soft lighting and for my highly skilled assistant to use Photoshop to enhance. She has the rare skill to keep the results  looking natural.

Pet portraits


I enjoy photographing dogs. They come in all shapes and sizes and they all have personalities. The trick seems to be for me  to be quick enough to hold their attention. The basic charge for the photo shoot is $100.



Commercial Photography


My background includes extensive experience doing aerial photography, from helicopters and small planes.  Although drones have their place, in my experience the perspectives can be unnatural, so using the best camera gear and lenses is far better suited to get the extreme quality needed for high quality printing and billboards.  Businesses use me for public relations work, website photography to feature their services, and a variety of executive and board room photography.



Photo Library and books


I have an extensive photo library of local scenes and activities. These can be bought as framed prints which are popular as gifts and can also be bought as digital files to suit advertising needs.

Over the years I have produced four hard cover books featuring Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty. They are used by businesses and local Councils, as gifts. My most recent book proved to be very popular and has sold out. A new book is at the planning stage.



Wedding Photography


Over the last 40 years I have done about a thousand wedding shoots  and have won many National awards. With portrait work proving to be popular in the weekends my availability is limited, but I still take it as a compliment to photograph the special day in a couple’s life. The studio is an option to do wedding portraits, something that is coming back into favour, where the emphasis is to have a beautiful framed photograph, rather than an all day photo shoot.



Restoring old photos


We can turn old or damaged photos into a work of art. Modern technology and years of doing this work, means we can photograph priceless paintings,  restore historical family snaps and bring faded photos back to life.

Studio: Shadelands Lane, PO Box 5511 Mount Maunganui ~ New Zealand

Telephone +64 7 572 5266   Email